Web Terminal

Web Terminal

Meta Trader 4, designed to serve as your central trading hub, has been the top trading platform of choice for numerous companies worldwide. Likewise, the platform is the preferred hub for many traders and trading companies interested in seeing an increase in their investments.

As a hub, Meta Trader 4 provides easy access to all commodities, stock indices, stocks, and Forex currency pairs pertinent to your investment plans. In addition to ease of access and investment simplicity offered by a single trading platform, you’ll enjoy opportunities to invest and a full range of educational investing resources useful to both experienced and novice traders.


An additional advantage lies in the fact that this completely browser-based platform requires no software downloads. Save disc space and enjoy all the same functions, investment tools, and resources included in the downloadable app, while you trade anytime, from anywhere you please.

Traders using Mac or iOs systems will find Meta Trader 4 a useful alternative, despite the fact that compatibility issues occasionally arise, compared to use by PC or Android.