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TRADEDAX is around to provide its users with top quality services and a memorable experience that will keep them using TRADEDAX more and more. TRADEDAX has always had positive reviews and are well known for their user-friendly interface and satisfying their clients’ needs. Traders who use TRADEDAX are offered 5 different special unique accounts that will fit with the criteria and your specific needs as a valuable trader.

·The trader is free to trade in whatever level they feel most comfortable in. If you want to test the waters first before jumping right in, simply start with a demo account that will give you the freedom to explore a bit. If you like the services and what’s provided then you upgrade to one of the other accounts later down the road. One thing that is certain is that every single account will expand your trading experience that you’ll greatly appreciate later on and you may even recommend it to a new trader whose starting out.

VIP accounts have access to the higher tiered customer service team that know various languages and will make comprehending and trading with others easier and more manageable as supposed to you doing it alone or not being able to communicate with the customer service team member or someone else. A professional senior team of traders will be on the prowl to help you out too and give you important information lessons and strategies you may have not known prior to interacting with them. The more transacted, the more benefits are added to your account which will also allow you to make special requests.

The trading platform is on the well-known MetaTrader 5, Mobile Trading, Webtrader. There’s max leverage upon requesting for it. The minimum opening deposit is $25,000 USD so keep that in mind. There’s telephone trading too and a lot of other services that can truly give you an edge when it comes to the trading market. If you’re interested in this email [email protected] gain some more information before going all out and good luck!