Standard Account

Standard Account


TRADEDAX is an online trading company that provides you what you need to meet your goals when it comes to trading to businesses, like retailers. We offer many kinds of accounts, Gold, Silver, VIP, micro, and Standard. If you prefer to use a demo account before signing up for an account, that is quite alright, or if you prefer to sign up right away, that's great too. Each account is different when it comes to trading, because the accounts are also trying to meet the trading requirements that you have as well.

If you open up a Standard account, you will be assisted with Senior members and customer support that's multilingual to help you get the full experience you deserve. This account will help you with the average retailers in trading. It uses a Sirix Platform and any available mobile trading platforms, such as Webtrader for an example. The minimal trade is 0.01 and is flexible from that increment.

The trading instruments are Forex, Commodities and Stocks, and Indices. The maximal leverage is a 1:400. The minimum deposit is $1000-$2499 in United State Dollars. The type of currency used is United States Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen and British Pound. An auto chart list is twenty-five dollars per month, market signals is a hundred dollars per month with a SMS service. A VPN is fifty dollars per month as well. You get a raw bonus of twenty-five percent deposit bonus. You do get to withdraw on a standard three to five business days.

There is no limit to a maximum trade , no limit to a maximum simultaneous open orders, which means you can order multiple times at the same time. There is no telephone trading. You do get an advisor, who is an expert, and you get every day analysis. Don't miss out on opening an account and the benefits that come with it. Sign up today!