TRADEDAX is looking for ways to offer a great incentive to trade with us. Because of this, every trader, regardless of account type, is eligible for one or more bonuses and/or incentive programs.

The latest promotions:
Protected Trades
1 Protected Trade- 3,000 minimum deposit
3 Protected Trades- 10,000 minimum deposit

This promotion is especially appropriate for new investors who are learning the currency trading business by allowing the investor to trade as equals with successful veteran traders. Green traders can learn proper money handling skills by trading with more experienced and accomplished traders. This is done with the most exclusive tool on the trading market which teaches the new trader how to recognize profitable market opportunities.

Traders interested in this zero dollar risk should ask their account manager to include them in this great trading program.

Deposit Bonuses

There are multiple bonuses available depending on the trader's account type.

Account type and deposit bonuses:

·Micro Account- Beginners 15%

·Standard Account- Standard 25%

·Silver Account- Plus 30%

·Gold Account- Premium 40%

·VIP Account- Exceptional 50%

Visit the Account Table comparison to see a clear explanation of benefits, costs, and services in each of the different available account types. Every trader can find the perfect account type for them within the five available types.

This offer includes the deposit bonus and the rebate program which allows the trader to earn back a portion of their trading spread. This incentive is a great way to allow any trader to earn more by trading.

The Terms and Conditions
A minimum trading amount of 20,000 dollars for every bonus dollar must be achieved before the trader is able to withdraw this bonus. For example, in order to be eligible to receive a 100 dollar bonus, a minimum trading value of two million will need to be traded first before withdrawing the bonus amounts.

The counting of the trading volume towards the trading volume minimum required for the bonus will start counting from the moment the bonus is received. Traders are encouraged to allow their bonus to build as they go about trading.

Important note: Trading funds may be withdrawn from the account at any time, however any money withdrawn before the minimum trading volume is reached will resulting in the forfeiting of the bonus amount.