TRADEDAX proudly announces the opportunity to our clients to invest through our Algo Trading Program.

We now partner with the top algo traders in the world so that we can offer our customers an additional way to diversify their portfolio and grow their profits. Our portfolio managers are some of the finest in the world with long histories of success with trading. And they each have extensive backgrounds and knowledge of trading in the global markets. We dedicate a large amount of resources to ensuring their knowledge is up-to-date and as thorough as it can be.

The main objective at TRADEDAX is to achieve long-term financial gains that are consistently above related equity indices. Our goal is to create significantly higher returns with significantly lower risk. With careful research and analyzation, we are able to objectively weigh every factor before investing.

By looking for long-term investments in above-average companies that are currently undervalued, we are able to generate a higher profit margin for our clients on a more consistent basis. By buying into rising companies at low entry points, we are able to ensure that our customers see the greatest gains.

The TRADEDAX Algo program offers advantages to customers at every trading level. Beginning traders see a large profit, even though they have minimal experience, and experienced traders will add to their investment portfolio another source of stable income.

Quality: Our program emphas research and quality management. No stone is left unturned during the research process implemented by our strong management teams. Each company is well-researched and evaluated by our highly-trained professionals. We commit a large amount of resources to maintaining the communication and training of our teams and cohorts.

Profitability: We also put a great deal of time and effort into finding and investing in companies with the best potential for growth and profitability. We make an effort to only invest in securities that are hugely undervalued in order to generate the highest profit margins.

Risk: TRADEDAX also emphas risk management by using the tools and techniques we have found to have the greatest impact on our procedures. We analyze and verify every bit of data our management teams produce and ensure that our clients have the least amount of risk possible while having the biggest gains. Each potential company is vetted by our highly-trained professional teams with these tools and resources. Such tools include Forex, options, short and long equity. We never use leverage in any of our portfolios.