Order types

Order Types

You can select any of our three order types,

1. Volume Trader

The TRADEDAX Volume Trader pricing gives you the edge in your trading, by keeping your transaction fees low. It uses the 'spread plus commission cost' structure, and the TRADEDAX's recommended forex trading execution.

Pricing Structure

TRADEDAX Volume Trader offers you an elite pricing with spread plus commission cost structure. Along with the forex trading execution, the volume trader account structure keeps your transaction fees much lower than the standard trading account that uses No Dealing Desk execution.

Negotiable Commissions

The commission charges are negotiable. The Volume Trader account is particularly designed for those who wanted to trade large amounts of currency at TRADEDAX. So, your commission charges are determined by your monthly trading volume.

2. No Dealing Desk

The TRADEDAX No Dealing Desk (NDD) is different than trading through dealing desk brokers. Using dealing desk, a forex broker who is registered to FCM (Futures commission Merchant) and RFED (Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer) can take the opposite side of your trade. This leads to offset trading. But through using NDD, the positions are automatically offset i.e. Automatic Execution.

So, this model provides more efficient model for pricing and execution in the forex industry, than the model used by most dealing brokers.


The main problem with the dealing desk brokers is that, they can take the opposite sides of your trade, and can profit when you lose. This also allows the possibility of them losing, while you profit. Because of this conflict of interest, the dealing desk brokers may manipulate your orders by quoting artificial quotes.

The TRADEDAX NDD execution model eliminates this conflict of interest by not taking the market positon, and working directly with liquidity providers. In this model, the investor is dealing with numerous providers, to get the best competitive bid and ask prices, instead of dealing with only one liquidity provider. So, contrast to the dealing desk model, your orders are completely anonymous to the liquidity providers. They only see market orders from TRADEDAX.

Benefits of TRADEDAX NDD

  • Competitive and market-driven prices.
  • The execution is fair and transparent
  • Automatic execution.
  • Acts as bridge between client and liquidity provider.
  • No re-quotes
  • No dealer intervention
  • Access to instant executable rates.

3. Dealing Desk

TRADEDAX also offers Dealing Desk execution, but with certain trading limitations. This is offered, especially for traders who are concerned with low spreads for 12 of TRADEDAX most popular currency pairs. We also offer the common market model that most brokers offer with Dealing Desk execution. In this model, the TRADEDAX acts as a dealer, and the orders are filled on a discretionary basis.