Market Signals

TRADEDAX Market Signals

Many experts have suggested that there's only one truly effective ways to be on the "right" side of the market: one must follow the market itself. Knowledge and insights gained from doing so will allow you to better estimate the price of an instrument.

Einstein and other intellectuals were known to advice their students that people should look for the things that are based in reality, not what they think reality should be. Therefore, the only real number worth accounting for in a market evaluation is the price. Other data is useful, but is ultimately only an opinion. In order to have the most success, you must learn to filter out these kinds of distractions (e.g., news articles, "professional" opinions, and guesses from colleagues). Instead, focus on the only data that has a real-world impact: price. As a trend follower, pricing must become your primary metric.

If you find yourself reliant upon "rumors" or other half-truths from news outlets or other sources, that may be your first mistake. Do you hear out opinions from so-called experts on TV? Do you actually know where your information is coming from and whether or not it's legitimate? Is there a test or track record you can see to be sure? What kind of calculations or risk controls are these experts saying?

The benefit of TRADEDAX Signal is that it is a fixed process. As a user, you'll know exactly what kind of data you're getting and, perhaps more importantly, why you're getting it. You'll have the ability to verify past signals and then follow up with a risk calculation for each and every transaction. The fact of the matter is that the market is the only source that can tell you the truth, if you read it properly. TRADEDAX Signal does more than simple market direction analysis, it can identify the "best" trades on a variety of stocks with amazing accuracy.

In an increasingly volatile marketplace, finance workers need a disciplined approach to facts - and just facts. This tool combines TRADEDAX Signal with actionable strategies that help you to find the truth behind a marketplace... not hearsay and rumors.