MAM Accounts

Pioneering Money Management Software From Tradedax

Money managers often times have a taxing job. You must be able to navigate the portfolios of several clients, all while trying to keep your clients abreast of their individual portfolio. TradeDAX has developed proprietary MT4 MAM software that will help you offer the highest quality services and accountability possible to your clients. There are a few reasons the MT4 MAM software is preferable to other systems, and it has a few different applications for your clients.

Why Use TradeDAX?

Our new proprietary software allows for both the Money Manager and the client to access the account. As a money manager, you can trade on behalf of the client using your Master account, and the Expert Advisor system. The client can log on to their account and view in real time their Profit and Loss statements, all open positions, and trading histories 24 hours a day. There are a couple levels to the software, and each has unique advantages.

Meta Trader 4.0 MultiTerminal

This system was created to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. From this system, you are able to manage an unlimited number of accounts. It supports all types of orders, but you cannot use the Expert Advisor feature. It has a unique reporting system and a flexible workspace. You can close by trades by closing category or currency across multiple accounts. This system allows for a diversity in Lots Allocations. You can predefine or total the volume for each order. You can choose to set the Lots Allocation to equal parts, equity ratios, or free margin ratios. This is the basic system for the Meta Trader, the other option is to add MAM.


Meta Trader 4.0 Enabled MAM

What is MAM and How Does it Work?
This is a unique system developed by TradeDAX's research and development teams. It works by distributing trades created in a master account in a precise manner for all it's managed slave accounts. To enable this platform you would need to complete the paperwork and sign the power of attorney to your money manager. After doing this the only thing left to do is set the leverage for the multiplayer in relation to the Algo Trading positions.

System Benefits

Because this system is intended to help you automate your workflow, you essentially become a managing portion of a slave account, but it still allows for some great features. The system works in conjunction with the Expert Advisor function, so it can be operated manually or via the Expert Advisor. It allows partial closing of an existing position. You can trade freely on the MT4 platform, and be managed by an unlimited number of managers. If you are a managing account you can manage an unlimited number of sub-accounts. As a managing account, you can intervene on specific positions, but this will disconnect the current manager from that position making you the manager by yourself, but only for this specific position. Managed accounts will define the parameters of the sub-accounts based on the Master Position. A managed account can trade at a greater or similar position that the master account, but never smaller. Both types of accounts, managers and masters, can be operated on a normal MT4 terminal.

TradeDAX's revolutionary MT4 with MAM system can help you as a money manager to revolutionize the portfolio's of your clients. It gives you the ability to automate the system, and your clients limited interactivity. Be the best you can for your clients; partner with TradeDAX today!