Take charge of every trading day by creating an environment that suits your needs and complements your trading style with the following Autochartist products:

Automated Tech Analysis
Automatic notifications will keep you informed of completed and emerging chart patterns like wedges, tops, bottom and triangles as they are identified. Forecast ranges are automatically illustrated to indicate expected price levels so you can take advantage of the market.

Furthermore, Autochartist Key Levels will identify horizontal support and various resistance levels at certain price points. You will receive notification when a break or approach occurs at one of these levels.

Finally, Autochartist is able to identify multiple Fibonacci pattern variations from retracements, extensions, ABCD patterns and more sophisticated variants like Butterfly and Gartley formations.

Performance Stats
This product will allow you to see which particular trade setups have worked and which haven't over a span of six months. Performance analysis is made available for approaching Key Levels, Breakout Key Levels and completed chart patterns.

Volatility Analysis
This feature will get you familiar with the personality of your preferred trading markets and instruments. Volatility analysis will provide valuable information such as the particular point in a day when markets are at their most volatile levels, how to manage and set an appropriate exit, and how to choose instruments that fall within your acceptable risk parameters.

Messaging and Alerts
Autochartist provides you with snapshot emails which give an overview of market conditions for the next 24 to 48 hours. Snapshot emails are sent three times each day for Commodities and Forex markets, and once for NYSE, London, and Tokyo exchanges.

Be sure to subscribe to our high-impact economic news content to receive notification regarding events taking place during European, Asian and US sessions.

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Trading Community
Find the trading community tab to view short videos on how to use and personalize your Autochartist experience. It is recommended that you bookmark the user manual for easy, quick reference. It will give you access to eBooks and other various resources describing which instruments your broker will cover.