Algo Trading

Algo Trading

Automated trading has become a major trend for investors who are looking to develop new ways of using technology to bring success to any investment portfolio, including the use of buy/sell side volume flows and trend identification.

TradeDAX Algorithmic Trading Replicates the Data Analysis Used by Hedge Funds

Making the decision to use TradeDAX Algo Trading software to develop a new investment portfolio means looking at available trades in the same way a major hedge fund or investment company would; the development of this software has come after developers looked at making it possible for every data point and trade management rules considered and included in the algorithms used. An increased level of performance for individual investors is possible with Algo Trading that is generally reserved for only the highest level of investment companies trading billions on the financial markets.

The aim of most investors is to lower the possible risks in each portfolio and Algo Trading has created a 100 percent automated piece of trading software that allows every individual to feel confident they have the ability to earn an income from the investments made with Algo Trading.