In an effort to create a safe and secure trading environment, TradeDAX adheres to compliance of strict anti-fraud and money laundering policies. As part of the compliance process, every live money client must submit the following documentation to TradeDAX, for identification verification purposes:

The identification document must contain a clear photo [1], the applicant's full name [2] and an identification number [3]. An acceptable form of identification can be one of the following documents:

  • Copy of a Valid Unexpired Driving License

  • Copy of a Valid Unexpired Passport

  • Copy of a Valid Unexpired National Identity Card

Proof Of Address – copy of utility bill, with complete name and address**

The Proof of residence document must contain the applicant's full name and a full residential address[1].The document must be Current and valid and issued in the recent 3 months. An acceptable form of Proof of residence can be one of the following documents:

  • Copy of a Recent Statement from a Recognized Bank

  • Copy of a Recent Utility Bill such as a gas bill, electricity bill, telephone bill etc.

  • Copy of a Government - issued Document with Residential Address Proof Of Payment Paysafe transactions are processed by Black Parrot Ltd.

For transactions made by Wire Transfer – Copy of swift confirmation For transaction made by credit or debit cards – Copy of front and back sides of card In the front of the card you should have:

  • The Last 4 Digits

  • The Client’s Name

  • The Expiration Date

* Copies must be clear and provide full ID (make sure no corners are cut off)

** Utility bill must be no older than 6 months Send the documents listed above to [email protected]

Compliance policies are extremely important to the integrity and security of our TradeDAX and our clients. We therefore recommend that you send your documents upon completing your initial deposit. This will also allow you to freely withdraw funds from your account at any time and without delay.

TradeDAX is proud to offer its trader a secure and safe trading environment. If you need further assistance, please contact us at [email protected] Withdrawal requests will only be processed after all proper documentation has been received by TradeDAX. It is recommended that these forms are sent immediately upon registration, in order to expedite future withdrawal requests, as well as to ensure a secure and legitimate trading environment.

Please note that TradeDAX might require additional forms and documentation that may be needed to complete the application process.